Energy Top – Wall mounted

Wall mounted heat generators featuring a premix burner, condensing operation, very high efficiency and very low polluting emissions.

Suitable for heating only systems, featuring high energy savings and are environmentally-friendly (4 star energy rating). Cascading connection of multiple generators can be performed using special flue gas and water circuit accessories. The models are configured for operation on natural gas but can be converted to LPG using a special conversion kit. 

Features and Benefits

Modulating high efficiency premix condensing boiler for heating installations

Modular installation without the need of additional controllers

Microprocessor controls

Independent external switching of controls to maximise efficiency

Hot surface ignition with independent flame detection probe

Low water pressure protection switch

Independent internal 6 bar safety valve

Can be used on pressurised systems or open vented systems where min. 1 bar is available

Modular boiler control – The Energy Top W is ready for modular application. The heat output
of the various modules can be optimised according to the heating load of the system

Unique spiral corrugated heat exchanger