Gas, oil or dual fuel

High efficiency heat generators for the production of hot water for central heating installations serving medium to large industrial premises. The GN range of boilers is available for pressure jet oil, forced air gas or dual fuel with a range of burners for ON/OFF or high/low operation.

Features and Benefits

Ferroli boilers are manufactured from high quality cast iron and are designed for a reliable
long life

All GN models are suitable for natural gas, LPG or oil-fired pressure jet burners, with a dual fuel option

The GN range is a highly efficient boiler with on/off, high/low or modulating burner operation

High efficiency, reduce fuel consumption

Boiler body is insulated with high density mineral fibre to minimise heat loss from the heat exchanger

Designed for use with fully pumped indirect systems operating at working pressures up to 6 bar at
90ºC flow temperature

Front access for ease of maintenance and minimum side clearance required

Suitable for modular installations